To celebrate the great William Morris, these beautiful banners have been added to the Google landing page. 

Antique 114 year old Lithograph colour print. Titled 'Bacterium'

Junko Oki

Lovely work by Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert

This video shows the beautiful process. 

I could look at Maude White's intricate papercuts all day- beautiful!

I love these Japanese Anemones in the morning sunlight. My Mother picked these for me from her garden. She has grown them as far back as I can remember and I think they are such beautiful flowers..❀

Diphylleia Grayi is a beautiful little white flower. When it rains the petals go transparent like crystal.

Paper Bouquet
'I can’t always have fresh flowers, but I can always paint them...'

A murmuration of starlings

The Pink Robin- so incredibly surreal and beautiful..

Wish by Christian Schloe

Microscopic plant cells

Frozen Flowers

Paper Sculpture

Édouard Boubat


Pothole Flowers

Guerilla Mosaic Artist Jim Bachor has filled some Chicago potholes with Flowers.

Kirsten Hassenfeld

I am in love with these stunning paper jewels by Kirsten Hassenfeld! These handcrafted paper sculptures are so beautiful and I love the way they capture the light.

Leaf Cable Sticker by Masako Sato

How cute is this sticker!? Perfect to tidy away cables in the home! This could also be such a nice DIY project and could be great with washi tape as it's so easy to remove. You could even print your own designs onto sticker paper and create something unique!

A Faboulous Fete Printable Poster

I love keeping my desk tidy so as soon as I saw this print I knew it was for me! The designer of this is kindly letting you print this out for free! You can find the print in two sizes here

Wild cherry trees in Nara, Japan

When I see images like this, it's hard to believe that they are real. Isn't this so beautiful!?

Image source

Kendra Larson

I love these beautiful paintings by the talented artist Kendra Larson.

Creative Spaces

It is a pleasure to create in a beautiful workspace. I love changing my studio around and always have pictures up on the wall. Here are some of my favourite creative spaces from my Studio Space Pinterest board.

Foodshop no. 26

Next time I'm in Copenhagen I know where I'll be going!

Foodshop no. 26

The Curious Cat by Ruskin Spear

For anyone that has met our cat Poppy, it's amazing to come across this painting with a cat that looks exactly like her- and is eating flowers on the table just like she does..!

The Curious Cat, Ruskin Spear. English (1911 - 1990)


These insects by Entomology101 are so beautiful! I especially love these detailed ones. 

Jenny Van Sommers & Rhea Thierstein

The photographer and stylist created this beautiful 'Angels and Insects' shoot for the July edition of Vogue. I just saw it in the magazine today (I'm a slow reader!) and had to share it. The selection of jewellery includes Chanel, Dior and Tiffany. I think this shoot is as beautiful as the jewellery it encapsulates. Here are my favourites of the 6 images.

Pam Muller

On a recent trip around the Beara Peninsula, I came across an artist studio brochure. I love picking up brochures and business cards and am always interested in seeing new art. There is so much talent out there! There was an image by Co. Kerry based artist Pam Muller that I particularly liked, so I looked at the website and came across her other work. It's hard to believe that this is a batik- it's so incredibly detailed. Beautiful!

Sweetpeas in Morning Light

Sweetpeas are in full bloom in my Mother's garden and she has been picking lots of bunches for us. I thought it would be nice to bring some up to my studio for a change (I usually put them on the kitchen table as I'm worried about spilling water, but the cats are never up on this desk!).

In the morning, the studio is one of the first places in the house to get flooded with light, so I thought I would try and capture this in a photo. I don't have any curtain or blinds up in here, so it's very bright and airy. Aren't these flowers so delicate and beautiful!? They smell lovely too!

Beautiful things



For more beautiful imagery, and all links and credits to these images please see my board

Dior in Miniature

This is such a beautiful video. Absolutely lovely!

Alan Clarke

Dublin based Illustrator Alan Clarke is incredibly talented. His skill and illustrative style are amazing. I just came across this beautiful original illustration, 'The Fond Object of his Criminal Affection'. When I win the lotto.... ;)

Arlene Shawcross

Cork Textiles member Arlene Shawcross creates such delicate and detailed work.

'I work mostly using the technique of free-machine embroidery often stitching onto a soluble background which is later dissolved away to create a lace - like effect, or I combine my stitching with my own hand-dyed silks and velvets. I create individual wall pieces, garments and accessories. I teach workshops in free-machine embroidery and related textile techniques and enjoy working to commission.'

Crochet Furniture

Traditional crochet is making its way into modern furniture. How fantastic is this crochet furniture by designer Marcel Wanders!

Wanders experiments with hand crocheted cotton, which is soaked in epoxy resin and cured over the mold, turning the traditional table cover into the table itself.

The crochet chair consists only of hand sewn cotton and epoxy resin. The structure is completely hollow and relies on the strength of the resin to hold the shape and also the weight of a person. This style offers new applications for traditional crochet, enlarging the decorative possibilities of this particular art.

6th July 2014

To celebrate Mother's Day, Guerlain's store on the Champs Élysées commissioned thousands of handmade paper flowers.

Artistic direction: Mathilde Nivet.
Production : Aline Houdé-Diebolt & Mylène Bollmeier

You can see more images from this project here

Embroidered Leaf Art By Hillary Fayle

Embroidery student Hillary Fayle has created a series of these delicate embroidered leaves. She starts by coating each leaf in a non-toxic preservative which protects them and makes them slightly more resistant to tearing. She then cuts them into various forms and embroiders them or simply embroiders onto their uncut surfaces, using a mix of traditional and original embroidery patterns and techniques . “I generally try to use renewable, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials for my art, so this was an obvious choice,” explains the artist.

You can see more of Hillary's work here

Lace Garden, 19th June 2014

This garden in Amsterdam is designed by Anouk Vogel and has already been nicknamed the Bride's Garden. It is planted with a collection of white flowering shrubs, perennials and bulbs that together form a lace knitting its way in-between the existing and new trees. From one side, the garden can be viewed through a standard wire mesh fence with a poetic lacy twist in it. See more images here.

Giant Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner, 21st May 2014

How stunning are these beautiful creations!? Read the full post here.

Timelapse of flowers blooming, 21st May 2014

'The growth of a flower's beauty often goes unnoticed because the process is incredibly slow. Japanese artist Yutaka Kitamura fixes that issue with this timelapse that is part of a performance art collaboration with tech visionary Alexander Reeder.'

Beautiful Work by Makoto Kagoshima, 19th May 2014

I absolutely love Japanese artist Makoto Kagoshima's beautiful designs, especially on these pottery pieces. Unfortunately, these pieces aren't shipped overseas yet so for now I just have to admire them from afar!

You can find read more about Makoto's work on his Facebook page.

Tree Drawing by Tim Knowles, 16th May 2014

For me, this project by British artist Tim Knowles is one of those installation art projects that I find both interesting and beautiful. Knowles sets up the canvas, attaches simple drawing tools to the tips of tree branches and lets nature work it's magic. The elements create some beautiful results. You can read more about this project and Knowles' other work on his website.

Bird-Apartment by Nendo, 7th May 2014

Japanese designers Nendo have built this enormous woodland nesting box with 78 entrances for birds on one side and one big door for humans on the other.

People can reach the Bird-apartment by climbing up a ladder and can look through a circular hole.

Spy holes across the back wall of the apartment allow a discreet view into the 78 bird boxes on the other side. How lovely!

You can read more about this project here

Maud Vantours, 7th May 2014

How amazing is this papercut art by Paris based French artist Maud Vantours! I always admire beautiful editorial fashion features and here are some of Maud's. I especially love this papercut flower Annick Goutal Perfume advert.

Here are two more of my favourites...

All images © Maud Vantours

See Maud's website for many more amazing images, including some stunning multicoloured works!

Beautiful work by Rebecca Louise Law, 25th April 2014

Beautiful work by Deb Todd Wheeler, 25th April 2014

Bird Music, 25th April 2014

'While reading the newspaper one morning, Brazilian musician Jarbas Agnelli sees a picture of birds on electrical wires and gets inspired to make a song. He takes the picture and replaces the birds with exact musical notes corresponding to their positions.'

Raining Petals, 9th April 2014

I love the new Sony 4K advert that shows 8 million petals raining down on a small town in Costa Rica. Beautiful!

'Flooding a village with 8 million petals is no easy task. It took the team two weeks to collect the most vibrant, multi-coloured flower petals and leaves, eventually weighing 3.5 tons in total. A British special effects team was also brought in to create the volcanic eruptions and petal tsunamis that eventually covered the entire village.

And the reason for the exact number of petals? Because that’s the number of pixels on the 4K TV’s screen. The video was created to show the screen’s sharpness and clarity.'

Beautiful work by Jo Cheung, 18th March 2014

14th March 2014

Source unknown

Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Hysteric, 12th March 2014

Beautiful work by Madalina Andronic, 11th March 2014

Beautiful work by theFOXnFAWN, 11th March 2014

Lovely Presents, 9th March 2014

I was lucky enough to receive these lovely presents from two of my lovely friends last week. I was admiring these flower stamps with a friend and when we went to lunch a few days later she surprised me with the set! Another friend found this paper lace flower ribbon in a papeterie in Nantes, France and brought it back for me. You guys are the best!x

Beautiful Sketchbooks, 5th March 2014

“Always carry a notebook. And I mean always. The short-term memory only retains information for three minutes; unless it is committed to paper you can lose an idea for ever.” ~ Will Self

I love looking at pictures of beautiful sketchbooks so I thought I would create a board full of them on Pinterest so you could too...


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